KUSH-A Blunt A day Keeps Wikipedia away

God created everything in this world including this Cannabis Plant.
In girls, there is a part of the brain that ignites and gets aroused due to chocolate, fireworks and love. The same part is present in boys but it gets aroused by Sports, Sex, ladies and TetraHibinnalCannabinal (THC) a chemical present in bhang.
Boys were created to get stoned.
All things created by God in this world were for the benefit of human beings. Weed gives human beings the ability to think critically, thinking beyond the boundaries of human understanding. It has two extremes; one positive and another negative. This article is about the positive effects.
If weed is given to a person with good social abilities these abilities are enhanced, give philosophy depth because one thinks inclining towards what the weed makes him think of.
Weed is an important tool for guy bonding. People who occasionally get stoned together make a friendship very quickly and very hard to be broken because they were all in the high stupid state another laughed at each other’s foolishness.
Kush is scientifically proven to improve eyesight.
Weed speeds up intellectual maturity. A few puffs a month makes you two years wiser than you are.
Things that improve intelligence and sources of knowledge are regarded as forbidden. Just as the fruit of knowledge in the garden of Eden was prohibited of consumption by God so are modern human laws cutting down and illegalising this awesome drug from usage.


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